Five Famous Break Up Lines

Breaking up is the most ruthless thing ever happened to someone’s life and when it comes to a break up lines, we often heard the same thing all over again. Do you want to know what they are? Check them out below.
“It’s not about you, it’s about me.”

By percentage, this is the most common and lamest break up lines we can assure that you’ve heard thousands of times if not happening to you, we bet it happened to your family or friends. This is such a funny and dishonest excuse of saying he had enough of the bad relationship and decided to take the blame on himself but of course, even a blind person could sense that he’s just giving excuses. You should also realized by now that he is no longer interested in you and the line he just said above is a solid truth of he wants to discontinue the relationship. The best way you can do is to accept the fact and move on and you’re better off without him!

“We Should Start Seeing Other People.”

When a guy said this to you, you should be able to know that he already has new found love. If he said this to you, put that smile back on your face and straighten your body to meet his eyes and say, “Of course we should.” This will avoid you being the only one left alone and getting hurt. He is just saying that just to give you hints and the truth is he’s all ready and prepared on starting a new relationship.

“Let’s Be Good Friends From Now On.”

Unless he said that in a very good way, then there’s nothing you should worry about but to be grateful that he wants to be your closest friend while being in a relationship. But if he said that and then his sentence ended up with, “I am sorry”, you should know that he is being too selfish and cruel both at the same time. What kind of person in the world who wants to be a good friend with an ex-lover after breaking up? He is clearly over you or perhaps he was never seriously interested in you at the first place. This also means that after all this time, he wants you to be solely available just for him when he needs you and he will dump you as he wishes when he doesn’t need you. Our advice? Say “no” to his excuse and state that you are not interested to become a friend once the relationship is over. You are better as strangers instead.

“I Need Some Space.”

Learn the words, it simply means that he is already bored of you and he finds that there is no way he can still try in maintaining a relationship with you. Maybe you were once fun to hang out with and he loved the kissing and the cuddling but once all that sensation is slowly gone, he finds the need to move on and you should feel the same way too. We know that it sounds harsh but it’s true and the sooner you decide on this, the better it will be.

“You’re Too Good For Me, I’m Not Good Enough For You.”

This one is probably the most idiot among all the break up lines we already shared. No human in this world really feel that they are not good enough for someone. Even when they realized that they aren’t good enough and aren’t capable of meeting the expectations wanted by their partners, if they really want to be in that relationship, they will always try to save it no matter what might happen. But if you heard this from your partner, then you should understand that he is no longer interested with you. This type of excuse is only given by a coward so next time, if you heard this, simply retort, “Thank you for mentioning that since I always feel the same way too. I know that I am too good for you and you were just a bad mistake. I hope I can still forgive myself for dating someone who’s not good enough for me like you were.” Big high five for you for doing that! Show him that he won’t be able to make you feel sad or able to hurt you.

Even when a break up and getting dumped might hurt thousands time, do not ever let he disrespects you by hurting you. Show him you have self-confidence in finding new love. If you think you can still be good friends, go ahead but if it hurts your pride so much to stay beside him, you are better off living without him now! Never let yourself hoping for a good ending when it comes to a bad relationship.